Stickman's Battles (Suggested Donation of)

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This book is for those who are struggling, striving and growing disciples of Jesus. These believers are illustrated in this book as "stickmen" covered in the armor of God. Trusting in the armor of God--not our own strength--we are free to examine our sin. The reader is challenged to evaluate the emotional, relational and spiritual factors that contribute to their strongest temptations and strongholds. The book begins by establishing the goal of embracing a lifestyle of struggling, striving and growing in our faith. Then, each of the seven deadly sins is identified along with their roots that give them strength in our souls. Once the deep needs of our hearts are identified, we are challenged to allow God to love us in the unique ways we individually need him to.

So who is the Stickman? And what are his battles? The Stickman is one who trusts in God to sanctify him instead of trusting in his own sincerity, will-power or faith. The Stickman recognizes that without God’s continual work within him he would be a weak and ineffectual Christian. Instead of feeling ashamed to admit to struggles and strivings, the Stickman can choose to understand them and seek God’s provision for them. This is the Stickman’s battles; letting God love him in the midst of sin.

About the Author

When Terry started his ministry his congregation never failed to offer their unwavering support. Now, 27 years later, Terry wants to promote that same atmosphere of grace and encouragement to every growing believer. After 14 years of pastoral ministry and 30 years of marriage and parenting, Terry still enthusiastically considers himself a struggling, striving, growing believer.

Stickman's Battles (Suggested Donation of)
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