The Divine Delight (Suggested Donation of)

The purpose of this book is to allow Jesus' teachings to define for us what it means to live happily ever after. We will examine the promise of Abundant life (John 10:9,12) and all the blessings belonging to those who identify with God's practice of steadfast love, righteousness, and justice (the Beatitudes, Matt. 5:1-12). The fairy tales leave it up to each child to decide what "happily ever after" really means. God does not. He knows that we don't always desire what is best. We often avoid those things that challenge and benefit us the most. And, God's blessings are often so contrary to our natural inclinations that they are often perceived, not as a blessing, but, as a curse. We will challenge the fairy-tale thinking that would tempt us to reject God's blessings in favor of our own self-guided pursuit of living happily ever after. We will present an outline of the character, relationships, and lifestyles that God desires to work in believers in order to equip us to participate in the Divine Delight.

The Divine Delight by Terry Ewing (paperback) looks at what the abundant life is though the teaching of the beatitudes.
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